15 comments on “Gobi Desert Trek Day II: The Central Mongolian Steppe from Ikh Khayrkhan Uul to Baga Gazaryn Uul

  1. What stunning pictures and an equally fantastic narrative of your Gobi adventure so far. I’m in awe and truly mesmerized. The takeaway for me is that I will from here on refer to grasshoppers only as “hopping protein pills”! You got an audible chuckle out of me on that one!

  2. Hi, I am the mother of Karen Bailey-Summers.She sent me the last post as she thought I would like your photos. She was correct. if you were not so far away in a COLD country, your recipes make me want to join you for coffee and desserts! I look forward to your future posts. Judy Nation

  3. Very interesting peek into your travels and such a good reminder that there is a big world happening out there with so many cultures and habits…. And so many people willing to share a piece of their lives. cheers and happy travels-

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