13 comments on “November Light: Old Tikigaq and Project Chariot – 160 Hiroshimas in the Arctic

  1. I never cease to be amazed. Thank you for sharing this story. I had no idea, which I guess, is how some folks would like it. The pictures are, as always, stunning. Hope your day of thanks was full and rich.

  2. Amazing story ! I would never have known about it if you hadn’t made it known ! Don’t have words to express my feelings about this plan , but rest assured it doesn’t make me feel better about our government [ both then and now ] , On another subject , could you post some pictures of Point Hope ? Thank you , really enjoy your blog !

      • I ordered the book , ‘ The Firecracker Boys ‘ , am sure will enjoy it ! Do you know about the book I recommended , King Island Journal ? Looking forward to the pictures ! Thanks !

        • The King Island story sounds fascinating. Apparently, the island (a large rock in the Bering Sea) was abandoned in 1969 and remains uninhabited. We had a friend who lived on Little Diomede (further north, near Russia) for a year, and living conditions there are similar to King Island. I’ll check to see if our library has a copy of “King Island Journal.” It’s apparently out of print.

  3. Amazing captures and captivating story – wow – the stories that must be hidden in archives all over the world sends shudders down my spine!

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