21 comments on “Whaling: Two Miles Out on the Frozen Chukchi Sea

      • Dear Barbara and Jack, I mentioned my experiences at Pt Hope 1966-67. The whaling technology and scenery are just the same, so reminiscent!
        Please say hello to John Oktollik our captain, Elizabeth Kubanyi (Tyzroyluke), Seymour Tyzroyluke Jr, Henry Attungana, Andrew Tooyak Jr (I still have a little polar bear he carved) so more many remembered students and villagers..
        Best regards in your adventures. Marcia Joyce Freedman (de Mello)

        • Marcia, Thanks for reading. It’s wonderful to hear from someone who has ties to this beautiful village. We will indeed give your “hello’s” to the folks you mentioned.

  1. Were these just taken recently? The ice is very pretty…when will the sea ice begin to melt?

  2. Fasinating and educational. Thank you for putting up posts about your life. The pictures are amazingly beautiful. I lived in Alaska for 3 years. DID NOT want to leave but my sister had just had a baby and I ended up back in the lower 48. And then life sometimes takes on a life of its own and I’m still here. I think about my time in Alaska every single day and swear to get back up there and homestead. The Anthropology of Native Alaskans was my all time favorite class at UAA so this post brought back all kinds of memories! I loved it!!

      • Aw, thanks. It’s so much fun trying to reduce. As crazy as it sounds, I don’t remember when I’ve had this much fun. It was probably in Alaska! ha! I subscribed to you and cannot wait to show my husband your posts. My goal is to get him up there. I just KNOW once he goes, he won’t ever want to come back. I didn’t!!

        • The beatuy and people and wide open spaces just suck you in. You’re almost helpless to it! 🙂
          Glad to hear you were both able to find jobs. I cannot wait to hear your stories as they unfold!!

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