11 comments on “Summer Blueberry Picking on the Arctic Tundra

  1. My mother lived in Kotzebue for a few years and used to tell me about picking tundra blueberries–but I’ve never seen pictures. Lovely!

    • I was in Arviat caribou hunting a few years ago. While hunting I looked down and found myself surrounded by blue berries. Of course I started sampling which made my guide mad, because I was there to hunt, not eat berries. That was his attitude also about fishing for grayling. It wasn’t until I had procured my caribou that he finally let me fish. I found the tundra one of the most lovely and haunting places I have ever been. Those blueberries were the “up and over” of my trip.

  2. Wonderful – I used to live in “Shish”, have relatives there; you really captured the spirit

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