16 comments on “Fire in the Sky: Aurora Borealis Point Hope, Alaska

  1. I thought of you both when the news media announced the sun spot activities and resulting Aurora Borealis seen as far down as Michigan. The photos, I’m sure, only hint at the magnificent display you experienced in the heavens above. Does this occur regularly in the night sky or was this a rare event for you all abiding above the actic circle? Pardon my lack of knowledge. You are my first friends to live so far north and I delight in reading your blogs.

    • We are actually a little too far north to see the best ones. We thought we would see them much more often than we have. These were the best of the five times we’ve seen them. The news said these were the most intense since 2006. They were phenomenal!

  2. Oh wow… It’s a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights, I imagine it to be an experience that defies description! You have done a great job of sharing it with us though.

  3. Came across your blog in a search to help a friend find a name for her website, and thought you might like a group I started on Facebook a while back: Aurora Shooters.
    Just type it into the facebook search box. It’s a fun group of aurora lovers who work together so we don’t miss aurora shows, and help each other improve our aurora photos. Looks like you guys already have had a taste of the “addiction” LOL
    There’s a show building right now…

  4. Hi Kimberly. Thanks for checking out our site! Are you up here in Alaska? Unfortunately, during the school year from mid-August through mid-May, we are not able to access Facebook as it is blocked by our school district’s server (which is the server we use for Internet access). We use the University of Fairbanks forecast site: http://www.gi.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast. Happy Aurora watching!

  5. Wonderful stuff! It is truly one of nature’s finest shows. I’ve seen it twice (in Finland) – but never even tried to capture it… something to do with slide film, being on a budget on not having a clue where to start with night photography!

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