4 comments on “Four Bourbon Taste Test

  1. Tried two additional bourbons yesterday evening: Buffalo Trace and Bookers – very different drinks. Buffalo Trace is on the low end price-wise, but is nonetheless a very agreeable bourbon. We found it to have a pleasant nose along with the sweetness we’re coming to associate with bourbon. Not as full-bodied as Knob Creek or Makers (we thought), but enough there to merit drinking it neat, which is our preference. Bookers, by contrast, packs a kick… in a good way. This is straight-from-the-barrel 121 to 127 proof with a bit of a pleasant burn. We found ourselves sipping it slow and savoring every drop. Deep brown color, some charcoal balancing out the sweetness, might do well with a splash of water or on ice, but definitely a fine slow-sipping whiskey served straight up!

  2. Many thanks for visiting my blog!
    Enjoyed this post of yours. We go for Scottish whisky as opposed to bourbon. A good single malt like Laphroaig which is very ‘peaty’!

    • Thanks for stopping by! We are fans of single Malts as well. We particularly enjoy those from Islay, and yes, Laphroaig is our favorite but have never had a “bad” single malt. We may do a similar test on those in the future.

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