Clam Digger

Two hours before low water

the clam digger walks the pebbled beach and waits

clatter of rocks under each stride

eagles silhouetted against the morning sky

on the towering, sand-colored bluffs

the tide edges back slowly

exposing fist-sized rocks

red and veined with quartz

green rocks with speckles

look like eggs

the saltchuck laps at the last fringes of rock

till at last the sand beach begins to show

and dimples

and blinkers

and neckers…


5 thoughts on “Clam Digger

  1. Hi Mrs. Donachy,
    It’s Ian from your sixth grade class from 2010. I hope you’re enjoying life in Alaska. I’m starting my Eagle Scout project and I remember you mentioned that Steelhead trout conservancy might have something I can do. Can you please remind me of the name of the organization?
    Thanks, Ian

    P.S. The pictures look good!

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