2 comments on “Grocery Shopping

  1. Wow, your store has eggs, vegetables, and fruits! You are so lucky! 🙂 Our store has very little and nothing fresh. We bought 5 dozen eggs in Nome, and I carried them on my lap on the plane. That will have to last us the whole semester. The only meat we have is what we were able to take with us on the chopper, so we don’t have a lot meat either. Such is life. Learning to simplify, simplify, simplify…

    Love your posts! 🙂

    • Well…they usually have eggs. The fruits and veggies are…not what the lower 48 is used to. It might be a box of apples…until the apples rot. It’s usually one type of fruit at a time and every couple of weeks. But, yes, compared to you…we probably look like a gold mine!

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