No Bananas! Our Project with B&H Photo is Up and Running!

Who knew that getting a minute and 29 seconds of film could be so much work!? But thanks to our friends at B&H Photo (the world’s largest camera store) it was a terrific experience. Initially (back in pre-Covid times) they were going to send a crew out to Chignik Lake. Well, as the epidemic took hold, that plan got nixed. Technology to the rescue!  The B&H team remotely coached us through the interview and getting the on-location footage they needed back in New York City.

In a skinny 1:29, we think the team did an excellent job of capturing some of the unique challenges (and very cool opportunities) that are part of our lives as photographers in this remote, spectacular part of the world.

13 thoughts on “No Bananas! Our Project with B&H Photo is Up and Running!

  1. Oh my god that was great! It’s also really nice to see you two! I’ve actually used B & H before, and maybe I should use them more often. I now tend towards Amazon by default. Speaking of tripods, I hate them. I’ve upgraded, but still have problems making adjustments. Maybe I’m not patient enough. Or maybe I’m not smart enough. Mine would only be used in the house, for food photography. Ideas?

    • Thanks! I know, we have these “blog connections” and never really get to see the other party. The most recent addition to our tripod collection was a Peak Designs Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod. It’s lightweight and is a good tripod for shooting straight down on food. It’s become our favorite for food photography. I also have been using it increasingly often for some of the landscape photography I do. We haven’t traveled with it (yet), but it packs down small and is really light, so we think it would be good for that, too. Really glad to hear from you, as always. I guess we’re all eagerly awaiting the vaccine now. Stay safe and keep cooking! JD

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