Take a Honda Tour of Chignik Lake, Alaska

As part of a project we’ve been working on, we’ve decided to take interested readers on a tour of our village. So Barbra put a GoPro on her head, fired up her Honda, and we went on a short land cruise. I’ve feathered in a few photos to provide an idea of what The Lake looks like when it’s not an icy-cold, winter-brown November day (when we made the video).

Imagining something you love through another’s eyes can be… well, eye-opening. It struck us how “empty” our village might seem to folks who take things like stores, government buildings, traffic signs, and bustling sidewalks (or any sidewalks) for granted. So, rather than the vibrance of an urban community, imagine instead the rhythms and energy of a community where you know everyone – literally, everyone. Where, instead of watching for oncoming traffic, you watch for ambling brown bears. And where the small community store is a convenience, but in reality your freezer is stocked with salmon from the nearby river, halibut, cod and crab from the nearby sea, moose and caribou from the surrounding land, and gallon upon gallon of hand-picked blueberries, raspberries and wild cranberries.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think! (Oh, by the way, did I mention we have a position open for a health aide?!)

6 thoughts on “Take a Honda Tour of Chignik Lake, Alaska

  1. This was exciting for me! I was part of the ‘land and leave’ consulting team to the school and didn’t get around the village as much as I would have liked…we have so much more snow here right now! You look like fall at the Lake! The dandelion comment leads me to ask if you have tried deep fried dandelion blossoms? My son and wife turned us on to this treat! Looking forward to a tour from the water next summer?! Be well…df

    • Good to hear from you Deb. Still on pins & needles here on November 4… It’s been snowing a bit the past two days, but it’s going to warm up and rain by tomorrow. I’ve had dandelion greens and buds, in the past – very nice sautéed with olive oil and balsamic as you might spinach or chard – but these days we leave the flowers for our finches. That’s a terrific idea – a video tour by skiff. Next summer for sure! Stay well and keep the faith!

  2. Interesting! Loved the snow-capped mountains! The huts and cabins on your trip remind me of remote outback Queensland, where I used to live until 8 years ago. Unlike the mountains and lake, the small isolated opal mining community of Yowah is in the desert. I still go out there to see my brother & cousins twice a year. It is summer here now, and very hot in outback Queensland but it will become ever hotter as the months of our summer go by. I am sure you had great fun on your ride around the lake. Looking forward to seeing your next adventure.

    • Hi Gerowyn. It has been snowing the past two days, and new birds have been arriving with the changing season. I wish we had thought to do this in other seasons. I’m sure that in the future we will. Maybe this will be a year in which the lake freezes!

  3. It was very interesting, especially for those of us in the lower 48 chafing because we don’t see our friends and neighbors often enough now. It takes a special breed of person to live there; especially one must be heathy.

    • Thanks for reading and for the comment. Yes, definitely a consideration of bush living is personal health as sell as access to health care for children and loved ones. We have a nice, modern clinic; we just need a health aide or two to permanently occupy it!

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