22 comments on “He Wasn’t Our Dog – a Tribute to Our Friend, Buster

  1. Man, I knew I was going to be in tears by the time I got to the end…and here I am…
    My Buster was Sammy, a shelter kitty that taught me so much.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is the first time I am hearing about this! You’ve been holding out on us! You guys “had” a dog! What a beautiful companion he was! Dogs are the most loyal creatures on Earth. I am so sorry that his last days were painful, but he was lucky to have you guys by his side. Where were the “owners” during all this time? Would you ever consider having a dog again? They are the absolute best, and a dog would be perfect for your lifestyle. They love to hang out with their people all day long. My little Dingo has brought such joy to my life! I love these photos and the story-what a testament to Buster’s courage, loyalty and love of life. Rest in peace, Buster.

    • If we could clone Buster, we’d have a puppy now! He’s made us want a dog in our life for sure. Just got to settle down a bit more to be fair to a furry friend. He’s definitely missed. 😦 Thanks for checking in, Jen.

  3. What a wonderfully written tribute to a noble and devoted friend. So sorry for your loss and the physical difficulty Buster had in his final days. I am sure he loved and enjoyed his season of life with you, Jack and Barbra! Animals do adopt us sometimes, I believe. Thank you sharing Buster’s story and these great pictures! May fond memories of Buster comfort you and bring a smile to your heart ❤️

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