In Dandelion Sugar

More than halfway into my first 500 hours on the guitar. Irresistible to take it outside into the yard today, sunshine, swallows swooping, sparrows chirping and singing, warblers chattering from bare alders and newly leafed out willows. Working on my Travis picking patterns. Barbra took this photo for posterity.

After starting off the new year with three consecutive months of not looking at the news, I got sucked in again. A mistake. Monotonous. Depressing. It doesn’t matter which news source you look at, there’s nothing like it to simultaneously rile you up while making you feel powerless. There are better places to focus energy. In fact, we’ve decided to go back off TV altogether. Extra time on the guitar. Extra time to write. I think I’ll start reading Ted Leeson’s The Habit of Rivers this evening.

Still trying to get a decent photo of our Hermit Thrushes. Of course, if I could capture an image of their otherworldly song, that would be the real trick.

I imagine someone will let me know if we go to war.

These final days at The Lake, I want to savor it.

In dandelion sugar.

11 thoughts on “In Dandelion Sugar

  1. Great photograph of you playing the guitar! I know what you mean about the political situation in the US, and at the moment, here in Australia. The conservative Liberal-National Party has just been re-elected for a third term. So many of us have been deflated and are feeling very down about it. A friend of mine last week suggested some ways of feeling better. He recommended having something to look forward to or something enjoyable coming up, such as a holiday, a trip to the movies, or catching up with friends & family. Also, if there is something we take pleasure in doing every day, such as a walk on the beach, hobbies like photographing beautiful scenery, or reading a book, etc., then that, too, can raise our spirits. I think your lifestyle, hobbies, friends and family would be giving you the joy needed to see us through these dark days. All the best!

    • Good to hear from you, Gerowyn. It seems a wise course, to tuck in and live a little closer to oneself amidst the upheaval around us. We still actively participate in a couple of forums with like-minded conservationists, but it feels freeing to step away from the grind and focus elsewhere now. The news has become very much like a well-scripted TV drama – not great entertainment by any measure, but the kind that compels one to keep watching. Until one decides to stop watching and spend time doing more enjoyable things. Winter in your part of the world, I imagine.

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