6 comments on “Philosophies for Learning to Play the Guitar at 60: The Final Philosophy

  1. What the heck were you doing in your 40s????? Aside from finding Barbra 😉 Some of your best pix are to be found on your post headers i think. Congratulations on a marvellously comprehensive guide, sure it’ll help and inspire many.. I hope it finds a hard copy publisher, all you need to do is add chord diagrams and maybe a play along CD. Or is that too old fashioned? PS have you mastered House of the Rising Sun yet? It used to be a learner’s favourite mangle.

    • Haven’t gotten to “The House of the Rising Sun” yet… but what a great song. I’ve been revisiting all kinds of old favorites. Right now The Yardbirds (and their transition to Led Zeppelin) has me. Thanks as alway for reading. My 40’s? Oh… yeah… my 40’s. Let’s just say that was a period of personal growth ;).

  2. When Alie read that one couldn’t learn a new language after 65, she set out to learn Italian — and proved them wrong.
    I have trouble staying asleep, but find that going over all the things I am grateful for that day just before going to sleep, helps me get a good night’s rest.

    • Thanks for sharing the success story about learning a foreign language. I think every example like this has the potential to give others the confidence and energy to keep learning! Great nighttime ritual, too!

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