13 comments on “Eight-Weights: Alaska Peninsula Summer Trek – Going Off the Grid for Salmon, Trout, Char, Grayling and Pike

  1. The world will still be here when you return from the wilderness and nothing much will have changed. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure!

  2. Awesome! My aunt died in a plane wreck on Etolin point (1959) and I was able to get out there about ten years ago to the crash site. A friend found it for me. And I am ever so thankful. No one in my family had ever visited it. Plane is still there just as the pilot’s brother described it when it was finally located six months later. great story. Sad. My mom’s twin sister. No never met her, but I followed her story and footsteps to Dillingham where she became the first and teacher 🙂

  3. Cannot wait to read about your adventures later. If you go to dham, say hi to my friend Verna Lee who runs the Dillingham hotel, The Bristol Inn. 🙂

  4. Your beautiful journey is, in fact, our gain. Stay healthy and safe, have a wonderful trip, and we look forward to the travel log and the wonderful photos we always see here.

    • Thanks, Cella. We’ll be back in Chignik Lake in about a week and will begin posting photos and articles from this summer’s adventures. Thanks for reading and commenting, and stay tuned!

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