Winter Landscape in Black and White: Spruce Tree with Mountain


I made this photo just a few feet from my home in Chignik Lake. The challenge was to somehow clean up the assortment of utility poles, wires, satellite dishes and the dissonant array of scrub alder closer to eye level. I actually knew as soon as this assignment (Winter Landscape in Black and White – the second weekly assignment from Outdoor Photographer magazine) was posted the scene I wanted to shoot. I put on a long lens, waited for the right light, and got this frame.

Next Thursday: Patterns of Winter


2 thoughts on “Winter Landscape in Black and White: Spruce Tree with Mountain

  1. Just stunning and very Ansel Adams-esque! I know you’ve both been back on US soil for a while now and I’ve been meaning to say “welcome back”! Barbra, now Laura and I can once again plan to come visit you and reminisce about our days back in Weinstock’s Central Credit.

    • Thank you! We would love to see you up here! We’re bringing our boat out in May and will stay the summer. We’re told we’ll see “an insane number of bears” during the summer. Lately we’ve been having fun watching our resident family of otters. Come up by all means!

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