11 comments on “Snow and a Memory of Snow: 10 Photographs during a Spring Snowfall in Ulaanbaatar

  1. I am totally dedicated to the art of black and white photography! I have a drinking buddy who works as a film editor in Hollywood (near where I drink) and I brought it up while we were watching an old black and white movie over the bar. To my surprise he disagreed with my gushing comments and schooled me for about ten minutes about how overboard I was when I complimented that movie so much! The guy really, really knows what he is doing for a living. Also I think the statue composition was best.

    On Basho, I know almost nothing about poetry but I really liked his life story. Once, when I was exploring other prefecture’s beef industries, I got my wife to find his birth village and we visited his hometown memorial in Ueno, in Iga Ken.

    Good work! Keep it up. I don’t always have a comment but I always read your blog. Cass

    • Thanks, Cass. Yeah, the sculpture really popped in that light. Other days it looks kind of bland in a bland setting – although the lines on it are pleasant enough. Mongolia has statues and monuments featuring camels, Russian tanks, Stalin, Gandhi… even The Beatles. It can feel random… a newly emergent Democracy with a thousands-of-years-old history. The monuments to Chinggis are impressive, as you might imagine. We enjoy black and white film. Did you know that “The Woman in the Dunes” can be viewed on Youtube? Maia found it. We plan to watch it soon, having read the book. Good hearing from you. As they say in Mongolia when they lift their glasses of vodka, “Tok Toi!”

      • About “Woman of the Dunes”: Great! I’ll watch it again soon. In 1971 when I was a freshman in college I saw it during a class in movie appreciation. The images about Japan and the general high quality of the movie are part of why I became so enamoured with all things Japanese later in life.

        Tok Toi back atcha!

  2. Hi Jack and Barbara,
    I like the sharper image of the statue- but reallu like the impressionistic images of the apartment buildings and the woman in the green umbrella- we could use a little wet snow here in Montana- unseasonable warm- sandhill cranes are back, and the goose are nesting. We thought of both of you last weekend when we went to Freezeout Lake and witnessed the migration of 40,000 some snow geese, tundra swans and various ducks. Hopefully you can come by and visit this summer- Mary Williams

    • Wow, Mary… the image of all those snow geese sounds amazing. We were thrilled to see them in the dozens at time in Alaska. 40,000! It’s been dry, dry, dry in Mongolia. The snow was much needed. Take care!

  3. Jack, your photography is really good. I look forward to receiving the blog. As for the recipes, I gain weight just looking at the photos. judy

  4. I love the little birds – so sweet and perfectly framed. I also enjoyed seeing the photos of the apartment building – so modern and attractive. I did not realize UB was so urban, in an Euro-US kind of way.
    thank you for sharing,

    • Thanks for the comment, Elizabeth. We didn’t know what to expect when we moved here… There’s a mix of old Soviet-style architecture, more contemporary design, and traditional gers thrown into the mix, and all this can exist on the same block. Have a great day!

  5. I loved the green umbrella, too!

    And, the sparrows. There are no sparrows in Sydney. I miss them. Isn’t it strange how you can take something for granted until it’s gone? I never realised how much I loved the sparrows in our garden in Auckland…

    • Thanks for the comment Sydney. About the house sparrows… I had started to write “the world over” but then realized I didn’t now for sure if they were widely distributed in the Southern Hemisphere. They are cheery little beings – always brighten our walk to work in the morning. Have a great day!

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