12 comments on “Urban Birding in the World’s Coldest Capital City: A Winter Walk along Ulaanbaatar’s Tuul River

    • Thanks Khongoroo. We’re heading out to Hustai National Park in hopes of photographing wild horses and maybe other wildlife. We’ll stay there for two nights. It’s supposed to get really cold on Tuesday.

  1. I am really enjoying your blogs esp. the photos. Too cold for me to even consider but I do enjoy what you find. Good luck with the horses–looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Nice. I am in Ulan-Ude, and our bird folk here are virtually the same, excepting that exceptional Azure tit. I have never seen one here. But we have had some waxwings stopping by our window, and last year we saw bullfinches, I haven’t seen them yet this year. Great photography! Gracias.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Just so you know, your web address – the one linked on your comment – is broken. I typed in the address and bookmarked your site for future reference and look forward to reading the information there. We just got back from a three-day trip to Hustai National Park, which is about 2 hours west of Ulaanbaatar. Haven’t looked closely at our photos yet, but we think (hope) we got some good shots of falcons, partridge, red deer and the wild takhi (Przewalski’s horses) this park is known for. So we hope you’ll stay tuned for that post. We’re always happy to cross paths with like-minded people… and are envious of your encounters with waxwings as we haven’t seen any in Mongolia yet. They’re one of our favorite birds. Stay in touch. JD

  3. Great article. I’ve been birding along the Tuul a couple of times this winter, but you get cold so quickly. Nice observation of the dipper – a species I’m yet to see!

    • Glad you stopped by, David. We’re enthusiastic amateur birders and wildlife watchers. If you ever want to connect for an outing, let us know! We keep looking for those three-toed woodpeckers you mentioned in your post, but haven’t gotten lucky yet. As to the cold, after considerable experimenting with solutions for icy fingers, we’ve settled on gloves by Mountain Hardware that we’re pleased with – keeping gloved hands inside mittens till we shoot. Let us know if you come across any identification errors! Cheers, Jack

  4. Nice observations! I heard some people saw a White-throated Dipper somewhere in Tuul river. They were you guys! My friend went to same place this afternoon and photographed that dipper. Thanks for sharing your birding information. You can see my bird photos on my flickr. Cheers, Puujee

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