12 comments on “How Have Long Life: Life Philosophy from Alaska’s Longest Reindeer Herder

  1. Thank you , I forgot what he use to tell us as children always be happy! Especially when we were arguing with each other as kids.

  2. Man was intended to live a simple life on the land. We have everything we need to be prosperous. Alaska is one of few places I have never visited, but it’s definitely on my bucket list as it’s one of the world’s most unique places. The natural wonders are too many to list, and that’s just from what I’ve heard. Even this picture you have, which basically shows a barren ice sheet, is more beautiful than any painting Man has ever made.

    • Thanks for reading, Quabbin Valley! As Pulitzer Prize winning poet Gary Snider said in his book Turtle Island, “We could live on this Earth/Without clothing or tools!” As Pulitzer Prize winning author Annie Dillard said on the same subject, “You first.” 🙂

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