Sunrise, Point Hope, Alaska

A mid-morning sunrise backlights the village of Point Hope, Alaska.

Two days after this serene morning dawned on Point Hope, the weather turned more extreme. As I write this, our home is shaking as winds out of the South East gust to 60 miles an hour – the “violent storm” category on the Beaufort scale, just below hurricane force winds.

But our home is snug. Steel cut oats for breakfast, perhaps moose stroganoff for dinner. A good day to get some reading and writing accomplished.

October 21st, 2012: Sunrise: 10:35 AM          Sunset 7:08 PM

We’re losing about nine minutes of daylight each day.

14 thoughts on “Sunrise, Point Hope, Alaska

    • Thanks, Robyn. We lose gradually more daylight as winter progresses – it peaks at around 11 minutes lost each day. Of course, the flip side is that when the light starts to come back, it comes back at a similar rate. But those months in between – from November through February, are indeed dark.

  1. Absolutely love your posts, photos, insights and wonderful writing…they are a real treat to see and read! Thanks for sharing the adventure! Hope you are staying snug! Warm wishes from California…Patti & Co.

  2. We had high winds in Montana this past week and lost power when trees fell over the power lines. From what I can see that isn’t a problem in Point Hope.

  3. Talk about wild weather..we had tornados in Elk Grove and Yuba City this week!!They actually touched down and sucked up trees, damaged houses, etc.
    Glad your abode is still standing after your wild weather up there!

  4. Hi Barbara and Jack-

    I taught in Point Hope for five years (1999-2004). Marlene Beam just introduced me to your blog, which I’ve been happy to read. I’m actually planning to visit Point Hope next month as part of a project with the school, with a photographer friend. I’m very excited to return! I’m going to be staying with Marlene, but am looking for housing for my friend photographer friend, Nathaniel. Depending on who else is using them, Marlene said he might be able to stay in the district’s Itinerant Quarters, but she also mentioned that sometimes you two host guests. I’m wondering if that might be an option for him, and if so, what your rates are. We fly into the village on Nov 10 and will leave again on the 14th. Please let me know, and either way I look forward to meeting you!



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