5 comments on “Züpfe – Delicious Swiss Bread

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  2. I know that this is a late reply, but when I read it I thought of a recent article I read about microwaves, and thought I would pass along this tip for rising dough:

    Need a warm, moist place for your dough to rise? The microwave is the perfect place to set up a temporary proofer. The sealed environment of your microwave will keep the moisture and heat in. Just heat a cup of water in your microwave until it’s steaming, then put your dough in along with it, shut the door and let it do its thing.

    • Thanks for the tip, Kelly. Finding or creating the right environment for rising dough can be difficult – one of the factors prompting us to purchase our Zojirushi bread making machine. Look for a blog about this machine in the near future.

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