Bush Alaska: Arctic Snow Fence


The first snow fell a few days ago. Brilliant sunshine melted it. Snow fell again yesterday. So far the sun is winning the battle. As the days are getting shorter, it is certain that the snow will win.

Our lagoon has iced over in large patches. There are short tracks on the ice where people have briefly ventured out but returned.

The snow fence stands ready for the winter. It looks strong and resilient having beaten back the drifts year after year.

The fence in Point Hope looks much sturdier compared to the fence in Shishmaref  (http://wp.me/p1305P-1T). This can only mean that we are ready for gale force winds.

6 thoughts on “Bush Alaska: Arctic Snow Fence

  1. Nice shot – and I like the choice of black and white. And it also solves the mystery for me of what these things are – I recently moved to Montana, saw these in many places, and thought they might be windbreaks.

  2. You have such a nice blog, and I love this entry about the arctic snow fence in particular. Good writing about stuff like this keeps ‘blogging’ fresh. Nice work, fellow blogger. 🙂

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