Play Out

It’s time to “play out.” As in the lower 48, the kids are sensing the end of school is near. State testing is done. Our school carnival and Inupiaq Days are done. Summer is just around the corner.

4 thoughts on “Play Out

  1. Do you work in a Northern School? So, do we! We are in Northern Manitoba at the moment, but have been in Northern Alberta and Ontario as well. Great picture, my students are loving being outside too. Sliding is one of their favourite classes at the moment.

    • I was also thinking we must live in similar situations when I read your blog! The odd things in cans don’t appear up here. We have very mainstream items…fruit, veggies, peanut butter, etc. The oddest thing that has shown up in our store is a 3 foot long gummy snake! Disgusting!

      • Fruit and vegetables are hard to get here. I celebrate when we get something fresh!

        I imagine it is similar there in that most things cost three or four times more than they do in the South.

        • We can rely on fresh potatoes, carrots and celery. We celebrate when we get something fresh, too! Although the fresh things cost too much, sometimes. Head of cabbage showed up for $6.50 a head. Yikes!

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