Little Diomede

This last weekend, we had a beautiful, clear flight home from Anchorage. Our leg from Nome went through two villages before the plane landed in Shishmaref. We’ve learned to go with the flow as far as air travel goes. Weather may cause a delay and also may cause an earlier flight. We may have a direct flight, or wind up on a multi-stop trip. Last Sunday was beautiful. It reminded me of taking a long Sunday drive just for the sake of driving and looking around. We saw peaks, and valleys. We saw snow and ice crusted rivers. We even saw some musk ox from the air!

When we landed in Wales, we noticed land surging up through frozen sea and asked the pilot what the land mass was. He told us it was Little Diomede. I was surprised to see that the island is so close to the mainland. In my mind’s eye, I thought it was way out there. If you look on a map, you will see Little Diomede (U.S. land) is next to Big Diomede (Russia). Now, we can say we have seen Russia!

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