Alaska’s state flower is the forget-me-not. My choice for the state flower is fireweed. This magenta beauty thrives in open areas. Up close, it stands tall and proud. From a distance, it colors entire mountainsides. Magnificent.

I had never seen fireweed until our first venture into Alaska. When I look through my past photos, my love for this flower is obvious. I have shots of it alone, mixtures of fireweed blended with other wildflowers, and meadows and mountainsides blanketed by this beauty. There is something appealing about a flower that thrives in the aftermath of a possible disaster and is the beginning of new growth for a burned out area. It’s the picture of hope.

Since my introduction to the flower, I have learned this plant also has culinary benefits. Last summer, I tasted it in a natural plant stir fry. I also have tasted fireweed tea. The dried tea in a jar was beautiful, too. Next summer I plan to harvest some to work with in the winter and try it out for myself.

3 thoughts on “Fireweed

  1. It’s gorgeous–the flowers look like butterflies! I’ve heard of fireweed–now I need to do some research and see if it’s the same plant.
    PS: As a native Vermonter, I am unaccustomed to thoughts in late-December about flowers blooming! Your blog is great!!!

  2. Barbra, I love your photos and thoughts on fireweed. This is a flower which I too love. It grows on my dad’s property in Lake Tahoe and i always wait anxiously for it to of the last bloomers of their season. He passed on in June, so your photo stirred fond memories.

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