5 comments on “One man’s trash

  1. More people should write about trash and dumps. I agree many facets of the topic (and dumps) are interesting to consider. I have an early childhood memory of snooping around an old dump in the Sierras looking for antique glass bottles (we were successful). But, it took until much later in life to understand that out of sight, and out of mind, doesn’t mean gone. So, the photo and text here are compelling. Of course the bike caught my eye, well the snow too, but garbage as well: how much we produce and how we dispose of it, is indeed a cultural phenomenom. And THAT makes it interesting.

    • Glad you liked the post. We’ve always thought the shot of the bike was interesting and unique. Your comments take me (Jack) back to days in Pennsylvania where, once in a while, we’d stumble on a very old dump out in the woods and find antique glass bottles of all description – some with rotted corks still in them!

      • Yes, it does take me back too. I can still smell the Ponderosa pines that were shading us from the late summer sun as we sifted through the grit of the granitic Sierra soil in search of old bottles. Amazing how those memories got triggered by one wonderful little blog post about garbage in Alaska! Thanks.

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