Frost Clings

Time has extended just past the last weekend of October. It is getting colder. There are enough cold days and nights to allow frost to cling to everything. The grasses by the ocean insist on standing tall in spite of the weight of the frost.

3 thoughts on “Frost Clings

  1. Kim and I were discussing your blog today at work . We’re both enjoying it, and we are in awe of your amazing photographs. She said it almost made her want to visit you, until she stopped and thought about how cold it really is up there. We were wearing sleeveless tops today. The kids are playing outside in shorts. You can’t beat Sacramento’s year-round weather, that’s for sure. But, boy, is it gorgeous in Moose (or was it caribou, bear…?) Country where you’re living!

    You should set it up so that we can order and buy some of your prints. There must be a way that you can make some extra money from such a venture. I’m serious! Your photographs really are spectacular.

    • Wow…thanks! I have always loved photography. You put a huge smile on my face! I think the photos are coming out pretty well, too. I have an iMac now and their photography program. The funny thing is that I haven’t even altered the original photos. I also brought up a mini photo studio to shoot food. Jack is creating amazing culinary feats…I’ll put those photos here, too.

      A light dust of snow and 20s temperatures keeps us indoors during the school day. They keep the building warm enough for sleeveless tops! I did see someone in shorts…but I can’t really explain that one. All I can say is that the cold doesn’t hurt…yet. 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement! Keep checking the blog. B

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