Adzuki Bean Truffles – Something to Celebrate

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday! Happy Whatever! Creamy sweet chocolate adzuki bean truffles invite celebration any day. Ever since my first bite of sweet adzuki bean paste, I was hooked. After tossing away the store-bought can and creating my own … Continue reading

Adzuki Maple Bars with Matcha Maple Frosting

Mmmmm – matcha green tea and sweet adzuki bean paste – a flavor combination we love add a Japanese twist to an American classic. Just the thing with piping hot green tea after a cold morning of birding. Matcha green tea powder … Continue reading

Sweet Adzuki Bean Twist Bread

Soft, slightly sweet dough layered with sweet adzuki bean paste. Yum! This turned out to be a ridiculous recipe mash-up. I had some adzuki bean paste in my freezer – it’s always a good idea to make a big batch … Continue reading

Dorayaki – Japanese Pancakes Stuffed with Sweet Adzuki Bean

Fluffy pancakes sandwiching sweet adzuki bean paste reminded Jack of snacks grabbed on bike rides home from early mornings of fishing or birdwatching when he lived in Japan. Happy memories. Taking stock of my freezer, I noticed I still had some sweet adzuki bean … Continue reading

Matcha Adzuki Bean Glazed Rolls

Sweet adzuki bean paste rolled into matcha-flavored dough with a dollop of buttery frosting… a confection you might expect to find in a trendy coffee shop in San Francisco’s Mission District. My culinary love affair with matcha green tea is deepening. … Continue reading

Sweet, Smooth, Delicious Azuki Bean Paste

Popular in Japan, sweetened azuki beans are a key ingredient in sumptuous desserts and baked goods. (The above photo marks the debut of our new Nikon D800.) Many years ago, I lived in San Francisco. Walking along shopping streets lined … Continue reading