10 comments on “Changes and Milestones, a Question and an Answer

  1. Jack happy to hear from you. I can’t imagine a 13.1 miler at 72! It’s all I can do to work 3 days a week delivering meals to shut ins. I do stay active though. I deliver between 45 and 55 meals each of the 3 days a week. I jump in and out of a van I drive and feel pretty healthy just doing that. I met a lady who is going to help me get self published. I am still struggling with ” I may have married to my high school sweetheart……. but I got drafted”. I feel I’m making progress. She’s not going to offer any suggestions but when I get ready she’s going to try and get it published for me. I’d love to start corresponding with you again when you have time. We had a tough, expensive summer. Had to buy a new irrigation system for our hay fields and I go all my teeth pulled and between those two events, the cost was more than ten grand. Love to hear from you two.

    • Great to hear from you, John! You remind me that I’ve allowed correspondence with friends to slide. I’ll send you an update in the next few days. Glad to hear )and not at all surprised) about you helping folks who can use a little help. Looking forward to corresponding soon.

  2. Completed and injury free are excellent accomplishments, which I wish I had understood even at a younger age.
    I think tackling the guitar is great – and impressive to someone like me – very deaf late in life and always tone-deaf.

  3. Love your photos and following your travels. It is a major accomplishment to be a good citizen scientist making a valuable contribution to ornithology. Kudos on the book project! I feel your pain re the magazine writing but glad I’ll see your naturalist work. I’m enjoying aging in many other ways too. Geezers forward!

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