9 comments on “A 50-Year Itch Scratched

  1. 😌 …. and the rest of us have to be content with sea glass shards (and we are!). Happy happy!

  2. What an amazing memento of your trip, not to mention a childhood dream fulfilled. I love the photo…and I can’t help but notice how these two beautiful glass floats complement each other just like Jack and Barbra complement one another. I’d say the ocean offered up a rare blue/green keepsake in honor of your Hokkaido adventure!

  3. What a wonderful story! I found as stack of glass balls on a beach in Hokkaido many years ago on holidays when I lived Japan. Unfortunately, they were left in ryoukan (Japanese inn). Like you, years later I longed for one, so I bought one on ebay. On another note, about 7 or 8 years ago when my ex-partner had finished doing business in Portland Oregon, we drove down the coasts of Oregon to California back to Orange County where he owned a house. It was late February, quite cold and at time stormy but the scenery was spectacular.

    • Glad you had the chance to make the drive down America’s west coast. It is surely one of the world’s most beautiful, particularly if you stick to Route 1 hugging the coast. There is a minor tourism industry centered on renting out coastal vacation properties during wintertime where people tuck in just to watch the winter storms.
      And I remember you telling the story of finding those floats in Hokkaido! We didn’t find the trove you did, but yes, we were quite happy to find these two. People on the other side of the peninsula – the north side of the Alaska Peninsula – continue to find amazing numbers of these glass floats. So many that there is something of a cottage industry in the region for floats decorated with beading.

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