14 comments on “Oh, the places we didn’t go, or Another Epic Summer: Part 1

  1. ….and we only are escaped alone to tell thee….. 😀 Welcome home you two. Talk about a cliff hanger! Hope you are burning the midnight oil to get the next episode out to us all.

  2. Hey Nac, Your story sounds great! I am looking forward to hearing more. So sorry though, I brought my three kids up to Alaska last summer and missed the chance to see you, driving an RV from Anchorage to Whittier, Seward, Homer, to Fairbanks/North Pole, Denali (after landing on the Denali base camp glacier with K-2) and back to Anchorage over 2 weeks. It was a trip of a lifetime for us. We’d all love to come again, and I be sure to look you up. Your old CAHS friend, Selk

    • Hey Rick! Made me day to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog. Yes, by all means get yourself back up here! I’ll show you were the fish are 🙂 We Love it here in Chignik Lake. If you’re interested, you can type “Chignik Lake” into the the blog’s Search Bar. Here’s a short post in the meanwhile: Nervous Water and Red Salmon
      Are you in PA? Your old Pal, Jack Donachy

        • Nice to hear from you Sodnom. We had a great summer. I’ll be posting pictures and stories on this blog. How was your summer? Please say “Hi” to your sister and brother and your mom and dad for me! Also, say “Hi” to all our friends at ISU!

  3. Ya know, I reckon Dicken’s readers must have waited with the same ill concealed impatience as your’s

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