8 comments on “The Very Cold Swim: or, The Story of the Fox and the Salmon Head (An Alaskan Fox and Grapes Story)

    • I checked this morning and the salmon head was gone! Anyway, a very handsome German Shepard mix in the village has adopted me and shows up a couple of times a day at our door. I guess the word is out that I’m a soft touch.

    • Thanks, Bearly. Salmon heads are good! Split them down the middle butterfly style, salt and pepper the inside, and place eye-side down on a grill or broiler pan for about 10 to 15 minutes on high heat. Barbra’s not into the eyeballs but loves the cheeks and other meat. As for me, by the time I’m done picking a head there’s not much left.

  1. What a story! How wonderful you were there with your camera when he decided to extend his lope all the way to the water. I felt so badly for him when he fell in. Now, in addition to failing to obtain food, he must burn countless extra calories getting warm. What a handsome fellow he is too. I am grateful you shared some of your bounty with him and curious why other creatures hadn’t eat the head. Could you tell, later, whether a fox had found the treat? Tracks or scat or bits of hair, perhaps?

    • That’s exactly what I often think of when observing wildlife in wintertime – that calories are precious. That’s why, as in the case of this fox, I am very wary of approaching too closely. Causing ducks to have to fly away or a deer to bound through the woods creates a potential problem for them. Better to watch from a distance, and glad to have good binoculars and a long camera lens for that. Of course, if it’s not wintertime, later in the year they might have chicks to feed, or storing up fat for a migration.
      The next morning when I checked, the head was gone. Hope the fox found it, though birds, a mink or even a weasel could have taken it aways as well. We always appreciate your comments, Kathryn Grace. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

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