8 comments on “Birds of Chignik: Common Loon (Gavia immer)

  1. People always associate loons with Minnesota. I was always filled with trepidation to see them on the lake. They usually went after the baby ducks (our lake is so small, a loon is a predator). They are incredible birds-They remind me of Alaska. Their colors and their ability to survive.

  2. Hi you two 🙂 I just spent a short time of my evening with a highly educated and gorgeous young woman who is part of an inuit community/communities on the eastern seaboard. It helped me understand in greater depth. My copy of …if on a winters night.. hasjust arrived from the library.. h e is so facetious!?)
    apparently we iin aussie have loons but they have differences, as i see it they are smaller, and not so drop dead gorgeous plumage and are called grebes,. Obviously i am not doing them or myself justice 🙂Happy days you two.

    • Thanks for the note, Sally. Your grebes are related to loons, but in a different family of birds. Some species become quite colorful during the mating season, but otherwise tend to be kind of drab. Let us know what you think of the Calvino book!

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