4 comments on “The Week a Grosbeak Landed on my Head, a Chickadee Perched on my Tripod, and I finally got good Photos of Golden-Crowned Kinglets

  1. I was wondering whether climate change had anything to do with all those unusual sightings and was glad, when I clicked through to the link at the bottom, to see you discussing it there. As a person who takes climate scientists seriously, I shouldn’t be surprised to see this, but knowing about it is one thing. Seeing your photos is another altogether. I’m sure someone would say none of this is proof, but it certainly seems to point that way.

    Thank you for all the photos, and for the story about the owls. I so enjoyed that part!

    • Thanks for the comment, Kathryn Grace. We, too, accept the scientific consensus on climate change. It’s fascinating in these villages to talk to elders who have lived in one place for decades and who have lived close to the land as fishermen, hunters and gatherers of berries and other plants. I haven’t met a single one who has even the slightest doubt that things are getting warmer.

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