15 comments on “And Then Gillie was Gone… Or… Intrepid C-Dory Thwarts Thieves!

  1. Hi you two. I tried to post a comment a couple of times, but I’m not sure how that works, so they didn’t appear. Anyway, just wanted to say how very much I loved the story and how happy I am that it turned out the way it did. (Kind of miraculous, really.) Nice to have a happy ending!

    Hugs, Robyn >

    • We have a hitch lock. The B—-‘s took the nut off the ball, so next up is the purchase of a welded ball unit! Motors are bolted on solid, so if they have the tools to get those, I don’t imagine a lock will do much. But, yeah, it sure has prompted us to evaluate security issues!

  2. WOW What a near disaster but an adventure all the same. Eagerly awaiting the next episode of the saga of Barbra and Jack. Keep your chin to the wind, Jack

  3. So happy to hear such a heart breaking turn of events ended in triumph for Gillie.
    I’ll be taking some new precautions with our Albin 25 next time it travels down the Richardson.

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