14 comments on “Big, Beautiful Grizz Chillin’ at the Edge of an Alaskan Forest

  1. Great pictures! Sorry to hear about the death of gigantor :(. I think I would cry if I broke my teeny little lens.

    • Hi Cathy, Fortunately the wound to the larger lens wasn’t mortal, but we didn’t get it back from the Nikon factory till after we’d move to Mongolia. The positive that came out of all that was the teleconverter, which works quite well on both lenses. -24 here this morning. Hope it’s a little warmer than that in Alaska!

  2. Amazing how close you were to the bear! We saw a grizzly in Yellowstone couple of years back, we were so so excited, yet the he was so far away it was bear-ly visible… (eh eh?…Yes I’m slightly ashamed)

    • 🙂 Fortunately the grizzlies in Yellowstone are generally pretty wary of humans. What is interesting to us about the bear we photographed is that many vehicles must’ve passed this guy without noticing. He was fast asleep when we pulled up. Sleeping off a good meal no doubt!

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