22 comments on “Plastic Seas: From Water Bottles to Cigarette Butts, It All Becomes Tiny Particles, and It’s the Tiny Particles that are Most Deadly

  1. gorgeous photos.

    and plastic bags are a big problem in asia – where we are given a lot of them, and very few recycling/green efforts take hold with great effect. Here’s to hoping we change our habits before these beautiful creatures disappear.

    • Thanks for the comment. We’re hoping that all over the world, manufacturers and retailers will take far more responsibility for this issue than most currently do. Meanwhile, if everyone would remember that cigarette butts, plastic bottles, bags… all of it is doing a lot of damage.

  2. Worth reminding everyone; no matter how small, each living organism is precious, each has its reason for existing. The loss of one link in the chain is an irrevocable loss.

  3. I reblogged – but not in the usual way but copying and pasting. My readers seem to think I write the blogs of others – so I thought it needed an introduction. Thank you so much.

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