One comment on “Wild Alaskan Salmon Lox

  1. Born and raised in Flatbush Brooklyn Ny in the early 40’s, Lox was made at the local delis, and sliced as you watched. Now it is factory processed and expensive. I make it at home for 75% less and it tastes exactly like the slightly saltier belly lox I grew up on. I make small batches of 6-8 ounces using fresh or thawed frozen salmon filets. They both come out tasting surprisingly about the same. We lay out 24″ of plastic wrap, and sprinkle a strip of equal kosher salt and sugar the length and width of the filet. The paper towel patted filet is firmly layed on the salt/sugar strip, and the top of the filet is also sprinkled with the salt and sugar. The plastici wrap is folded over the salmon and placed in a zip lock bag under a heavy food container in the fridge. After 24 hours the fish is turned over, and rests in the fridge for another 24-48 hrs. The Lox will now be firm, and the water will be extracted to some degree. After 2-3 days it is ready to be drained, and rinsed off. If a sample slice is too salty, let it soak in a bowl of water for a minute or so until it suits your taste. Slice the lox into thin strips, place it all in a new zip lock back, and sprinke 1-2 tsp of vegetable oil in the bag to coat the lox. Back in the fridge, and ready to eat in a few hours once the oil is mildly absorbed. Thats it! Enjoy.

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